Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 9 of the News Fast

In the last week, I've been completely disconnected from everything. I've stayed off the computer, kept the radio on music, and basically only exchanged pleasantries with strangers when I was out and about. 

 For the first four days of this last week the weather was warm and gorgeous and I spent the days outside. I had a Purpose and a goal. I was committed to finishing a big project, so there was no time for surfing because I was working (and had left my phone in the house). 

When the weather turned cold for a few days, I stayed inside and found that I had broken the habit of checking in to Facebook (WOO HOO), but was instead curling up on the couch  binge-watching TV shows on Netflix....nothing wrong with that if you just do it now and again, but I put in three days of it AND I wasn't doing anything while I watched. 

In the four days of outdoor work I had realized two things about me and my computer....I was sitting down at the computer or pulling out my phone every time I paused for physical rest or between tasks, every time my head went bored or blank. I was also spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer when I got up of a morning and didn't have a plan. I was filling every void with news and Facebook. I had stopped allowing myself to be quiet, still, and mindful. 

Yesterday, we celebrated the Solstice...just JC and I. We had breakfast out, went to the movies, shopped for books, did our evening chores, and had one of our favorite dinners while watching a movie. All the voids were filled, no urges to curl up and waste the day in front of Netflix streaming endless drivel, no need to see what everyone else was doing on Facebook. We had a plan and a Purpose (spend the day together).

This News Fast has had some unexpected results already....some revelations I wasn't expecting, so I'm going to push it another step and next week I'm going to give up Netflix TV shows. 

17 in the queue
There are 21 books on my bedside table (I think I've read 2 of them already and I'm reading 2 simultaneously). Next week's focus: no news and less screen time. 

NOTE: I am writing these posts here as rough drafts, please read them as such.

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