Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WETHERS: for sale.

I've already said it before, but I'll say it again. I want to keep them all. I know the reality though. I have to sell some of the kids, probably should sell all of the kids, but I just can't. I fall head over heels for them. Each one is different. 

Here's Gilly. I think he is going to be small. At nine weeks, he only weighs 23 pounds, but he is healthy and full of energy. He is gentle and loving. He is the hair chewer, the climber, the nibbler.

Skipper is a big boy, about 32 pounds at nine weeks, but he isn't going to be a huge goat. He is the acrobat, the sprinter, the jumper. He got his mother's kooky-clown personality.

Skipper (with Gypsy behind him)
Wrong Way is the bulldozer. He weighs about 32 pounds at nine weeks. He is likely to be short and very stocky. He is known to launch himself at your lap with great energy, but once there scratching his neck and chest "soothes the savage beast." His little eyes close and he snuggles in. He is either On or Off, nothing in between.

Wrong Way (with Vaca behind him)
Wrong Way and Gilly are twins from Vaca. Skipper's dam is Gypsy. Both dams are 50% Nubian; Gypsy is long-legged and Vaca is short and stout. 

They are all Ben babies. Our Ben is small and super sweet, so they come from goodness. Ben is about 24 inches at the withers, so we expect smallish goats from his kids. His two kids from 2013 are on the short side as yearlings.

All three are current on CD&T and cocci prevention. We are a closed herd, disease free. We would love to find these boys loving homes as pets/brush clearers. 

I know I'm risking not finding homes by saying that they ARE NOT FOR MEAT, but they aren't. They weren't born for that. Everyone on our farm has a job or future job (when they grow into it). We have had a wether from the beginning and his original job was to be a companion for little Ben. That's it, just share a barn with him to keep him company. I love all our goats, but I have a particular soft spot for Jasper, he is a good boy and he does his job well.

I've also come to believe that goats make great pets. I enjoy their company as much as I enjoy the company of my dogs. They enrich my life just by being in it and I know there are other people out there like me. I'm hopeful that we can find them homes as pets or companions or brush clearers.

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